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Oc Interview with Kyra Yaku  (Stolen from My self? Or La-Nora again?)


1) Pick one of your Ocs

2)Blah blah filling in question as oc

3) Tag people..nope too much xD…

1) What's your name? 

Kyra Yaku *does curtsy*

2) Do you know why you were named that? 

My father King Yaku named me after his sister who saved him yet was murdered by goblins *sigh* 

3) Any powers or abilities?

Hmm a few want a list? 

•Can fly very high and fast
•Change sizes from anywhere between tiny to giant
•Fairy magic because I'd never use black magic..
•I can control and talk to plants, earth, and animals very well
•Amazing endurance
•Rapid healing factor

4) What color are your eyes? 

My eyes are like this shining red *opens them wide and points* See hmm enjoy them? 

5) What's your hair color? 

My hair is naturally pink, very floofy and long/thick

6) Have you any family members?

Not many just my father but I do have friends that are like siblings. Like La'sey, Jessgo, and Doom..I consider Terex but he looks at me weird..sooo..

7) I am sorry. Now tell me something you don't like. 

No need for sorries! *gives interview tons of flowers*

8) What are your hobbies?

Singing to the dragum eggs before they hatch. And yes Dragum not Dragons hehe dragums are creatures us Fairies created which was mixed with human and dragons. They protect us and we protect them. Example is my friend Sabri…

9) Have you ever hurt someone in any way?

I don't want to ever but only when it's needed... U_U 

10) Have you ever killed anyone?

Sadly yes...I hate doing it and will avoid it at all cost unless you cross the line then and only then I will plant a seed in you of a plant then will explode thorns and vines inside you..Well not you! But enemies 

11) What kind of animal are you?

Hehehe I'm a fairy not an aminal my friend well hmmm maybe I am an animal?

12) What's your worse habit? 

...*blushes* Eating sweets and overly staring at a person examining them..Creep a lot of people out that way...

13) Do you go to school? 

Yeah The Fairy Academy, my father and other older fairies taught there we have a war torn history buuuttttt recently everything has been very smooth and peaceful. 

14) Ever want to get married and have kids? 

*catch by suprise and turns red* Well one day but I doubt it 

15) What are you most afraid of?

wwww< ......Hmm Hellions!!! They terrify me to death...

16) What do you usually wear?

Anything that's very comfy and isn't to covering but covering enough ya know? *shows off outfit  and flap wings* 

17) What's your favorite drink? 

Hmmm I don't drink alcohol but I do drink lots of nector and honey though or anything sweet hehe

18) What's your favorite place? 

The planet Earth its a nice planet to live on I have visited many planets and a few realms but Earthrealm is great 

19) What's you're type? 

Of person??? Hmm hmm not telling too embarrassing for me to know only...>www> next question...

20) Do you like your life? 

YESH!!! It's wonderful and you can meet lots of people and life so yes I certainly love it at the moment and you should love yours you only get one 

Tag some..I don't want to but if you read it you're tagged might do more of my characters

Scream Bloody Gore
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Just a dude that loves drawing writing and lots of metal. I love mixing those three things together to make some awesome artwork

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