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Bigfoot vs Miss Aqua by Lycan-metal
Bigfoot vs Miss Aqua
This clash started because Bigfoot and his new goons ran rough shot through the city, hitting up banks and weapons stores causing chaos. Miss Aqua was the first hero on the scene to catch him but Bigfoot and his foul mouth was really hurting Miss Aqua. He was being ruthless having bombs and bullets shot all at Miss Aqua like crazy trying to kill her as he starts healing herself very rapidly. The battle went into chaos as Bigfoot couldn't truly hurt Miss Aqua because the hits went through her so be cussed her out a lot. Hurting innocent people so he could get away but not without a massive ice smashing punch to the face then a scene never scene before Miss Aqua hit him with enough force to knock him out cold. He was then arrested as Miss Aqua followed him to max to make sure he didn't break out so easily.
Court Jester 2016  by Lycan-metal
Court Jester 2016
Court Jester and his sphere of madness he always roll up on destroying everything as he toss balloons everywhere. Telling jokes and riddles before getting hostages, with his split personalities he's unpredictable when what he might do. He could hold everyone hostage and kill them or hold them hostage handing out balloons then cotton candy. Forcing them to watch his performance, if you refuse that is a telepathic or gut squirting death from the sphere of madness and his partners.
Court Jester No Color  by Lycan-metal
Court Jester No Color
Need to add the color though x) Lol the ball he's on is tooooo funny to me xD that sphere of death
Combat Training by Lycan-metal
Combat Training
Everyone was impressed with Velma's great telepathic abilities even Fade but she thought she relied too much on them as Velma is a outstanding athlete. She thought she could benefit from training both mind and body so she took Velma under her wing to train were Fade cut her no slack getting Velma on point with battling close range.
I got tagged by my lil wolfy :icondelilah-the-wolf:


1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag 
4 Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5 You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6 No tag-backs
7 You can't say you don't do tags
8 You MUST make up journal entry

10 facts about me

Hate hedgehogs especially Scourge and Devin -,- I hate you

Love love love love :icondelilah-the-wolf: Mine so hands off. Or I'll kill you

I'm extremely nice until you piss me off or annoy me

Goofy person at times and have blond moments

Wolves are my favorite animals period.

I really wanted to be a Saiyan as a kid......

Metalhead for life

Love drawing the female form especially the BOOOOOTTTTTYYYYY

I'm addicted to strawberries, Delilah, tacos and Greek yogurt

For some reason my moustache curls up all weird at the ends so I cut them a lot

Questions asked

1. Are you in the Illuminati? 

2. Which Sonic game do you think is the worst one that it should be in a Top 10 video?

  Sonic Boom cause wtf

3. You were sent to another dimension of your choice, which is it?

   Maybe sonic or Pokemon so I can be a 10 year baller....lmfao

4. Favorite Youtuber?

  :icondelilah-the-wolf: then  Variant Comics and Comicstorian

5. What's your main Sonic, MLP, ect OC/FC?

   Greypaws the Moonwolf, Delilah the royal blackwolf and Logan the Hybrid

5. Do you like waffles or french toast?

  WAFFLES!!!!! *gir voice*

6. You are in a battle with your old nemesis and you were given a choice to choose any weapon you desire, what is it?
    MOONBLADES I will chop those hedgies up then I'm coming for you Raquel!!! You know what you did!!

7. How's life for you so far?

  As of now heading in the right direction and I'm very happy to be honest. She knows why

8. Favorite band?

   Ugggghhh.......Machine Head and Death....hard question but those two are tied

9. What is your favorite dance: Hit the Quan or Nae Nae
    Hmmm neither I'll choose mosh

10. What is your most embarrassing moment in your life?

Well fucking then......It was when me and my little brother were messing around singing and writing very homo erotic songs basing off of Chris Brown songs because we were bored. we sonsing these songs my sister come in and says "Those aren't the lyrics....I didn't know you roll  that way" So we sat there quiet then laughed hard until mom told us to stfu xD

My questions

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Bound by the Moon by Devildriver
  • Reading: Lyrics for metal songs
  • Watching: My drawings


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