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Xolvelt by Lycan-metal
Xolvelt is a xenodroid from the distant planet called Devia. He was created by King Urtus and scientists to conquer distant planet, the goal was to make them all new machine homes for the android people. But a fem android by the name of Rolzexa changed Xolvelt programs and sent him to earth to become its protector. Xolvelt was transformed into a space pod then launched, it would only take 3 months but he was soon on Earth but he infused with meteor. Once on earth he was discovered by scientist and raised by them along with Jason Dillinger, who he refers to as his father. He often takes the form of a ferret because he loves those animals and he's a very kind being, also a warrior genius.

-Can transforms into any machine or organic life he scans. He can store the memory of all those transformations and take those forms anytime
-Energy absorption. He can convert any energy to food and to heal himself.
-His body is hydrophobic, he cannot be touched by water or any kind, his metal body repels water making a force field on him and he can float over water
- He can learn anything by scanning the person, place, or thing
-Super sonic repulsive blast
-Atomic energy control
-X-ray vision
-Laser vision
-Super speed, Speed of sound while in android forms but Light speed in pod form
-Very long life span
-He can advance technology he scans and add it as a weapons like cannons or guns.

-He must hybernate every year for 3 months to absorb solar and lunar energy or he will die
-He's a high level AI but he is subject to mind control and override by his creators
-Currently he's naive, he grows up like a normal human would be until he hits 20 then he ages extremely slowly. He's people are known to leave over 1000 years and some been know to live even pass that.
-Earth technology can only be advance so far by him until he learns more.
-Currently doesn't understand his great power nor does his human allies.
Beauty and the Beast by Lycan-metal
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty (Succubus) and Beast (Demomic ram/gorilla-bear hybrid) were created my Agony, she created Beauty to steal souls and sexually energy from her enemies. Beauty other job was to help torture the mortal souls that were sent to Hell for punishment. Beauty remains faceless because Agony wanted to prove she can make a beautiful yet vicious creature that wouldn't give away emotions with it's face. Beauty is Agony's favorite creation she often refers to Beauty being her daughter she even made a monsters creature named Beast to protect from any danger that she couldn't handle on her own. Beauty is very peaceful but will destroy anything that she feels threaten by, often if it's minor things she will swiftly kill them but if there's a group she will call forth Beast to kill them. Beauty is a succubus but she longs to be with someone but her demonic nature keeps killing them her and her lovers had sex.
I always drawn characters and to me they look badass but having a great look is cool but without origin/bio the character is just an image. So I'm going to writing stories for characters along with the image more often so bare with me if you see some older work updated lol. Also im thinking of creating my own universe between Bloodlust (my dark fantasy story) and Carnival of Chaos (World where all my super heroes, anti heroes, and villains will be). So im just here to give you a run down on stuff you'll see more on my page

-I'm developing Bloodlust 3 story to its perfect will be the best work of the series. Will not be in script style, 1 and 2 will later be changed from script style too eventually.
-Dragonball Future, my dbz fanfic will continued to be posted here happy some can enjoy it and I will be expanding in my fanfic taking it in directions I haven't seen or read yet
(PS read DB Multiverse that stuff is cool!)
-Kaijus I love kaijus always had always will so you'll see my original ones now. Fan art and even battle scenes between my fav and originals
-Carnival of Chaos like I said before will hone my superhero related stuff.  It will be gritty and brutal at times still have fun though. I love grit and dark stuff so it will have that with my twist. I'll try my best to be original and have influences from my fav comics sue me xD I'll also post that here too
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Tevin Gray
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Just a dude that loves drawing writing and lots of metal. I love mixing those three things together to make some awesome artwork

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