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Zazas Vs Nightstalker by Lycan-metal
Zazas Vs Nightstalker
Nightstalkers are bullies and one of the top predators in Hell, the hunt around and feast on the smaller demons for fun. But this nightstalker came across the wrong pair of zazas. These Zazas maybe small and skinny but they are fierce and will never let this beast eat on their eggs. The battle was long and brutal, the nightstalker had the advantage with strength but the Zazas has extreme blinding speed with long blade like claws with sonic screech. Zazas fought hard against the lethal Nightstalker, gutting and slicing didn't work the nightstalker ended up killing and eating them along with their eggs but the rest of the Zazas came eradicating the beast feasting on it.
Zaza by Lycan-metal
Shadow Demon spawns of Ronkai-Zaza that were created to pillage lands for knowledge. Zazas are very dangerous demons that stood between the range of 6ft head to toe and 12ft head to tail, they had long claws on their middle fingers that were about 3ft long, two hook long claws about 12in, with a blade on it's tail with tenticle with eyes coming from the root of the tail, and eyes all around it. Zazas love staying in dark areas and hunting in packs when searching for food eating every part of it's victim after unleashing loud shrieks running around slashing them into pieces. The Zazas loved eating human flesh the most so they often raided Jonestown to feed at night sense they were nocturnal creatures. Depending on where they are protected their eggs and create different nest, in forests the put the eggs in trees and brushes. In caves the made nest from the remains of the bones of their victims and burying them in the cave floor. The mountain range Zazas made nest across caves and ceases in the mountain or near the bottom inside the bushes or shrubs. All of the feared and hated fire and light escaping at the mere sight of it, the many eyes across is body was hight sensetive to light sources. They have the ability to fire beams of powers shadow lasers, used high shrieks, speed and their long blades to distract and attack that was their methods of protecting themselves. During the day the Zazas are strangely peaceful during the day just protecting eachother as they sleep or raise the children, unless their area are entered by trespassers but mostly they would hide away then attack only if they sensed danger.
Ember 2015 Design by Lycan-metal
Ember 2015 Design
Ember getting a design update, just giving her one because I haven't drawn her in like 2 years though. She has an umbrella along with her well known steel baton that emits flames. Never elaborated what her powers is so here they are

Extremely athletic
Control over fire
Produce fire from her body for blast and fire shielding
Healing factor
Marine training
Bomb specialist
Ballerina training

Special weapons:
Matches always keep them around
Steel batons that emits fire
Fire shooting umbrella
Staceytron by Lycan-metal
Fan art for :iconstaceytron:
Made her as a superhero is a technomancer and has powers to manipulate quantum physics. She also possesses a living AI suit that learns and advances as she does. She's a space traveler always seeking knowledge around the a galaxy while helping alien races
Deathhawk by Lycan-metal
Real name: Rhae-Marie Hawk

Bio: Rhae-Marie is of Native American descent on her fathers side, on her mother side she is of Irish and German descent. She grew up loving her heritage with her love and obsession with all things goth, punk, and metal. Rhae has had a great childhood, her father taught how to respect and survive in the while along with teaching her how to play guitar. Her mother taught her all sorts of martial arts and piano, she learned about all sorts of things by her grandparents. Once she graduated highschool she moved to Bay Area because she loved Thrash metal and wanted to start a band there knowing it was rich with talent for her band. For months she couldn't find anyone and just worked while going to school for art and music. She also noticed she was gaining powers that where sound base but it came clear she always did have those. Months later she found band mates starting a band called Dreamcatcher, when they were doing a show it was a shooting between gangsters from out. A lot of people where shoot some killed some hurt but so was Rhae she panic like crazy not because of the shots but seeing her body turn metal. She went back to her family reservation telling them everything and soon being trained to use those powers, when left a year later she started calling herself Deathhawk after her favorite hairstyle. As Deathhawk she fights crime mostly gang violence and a few run ins with Bigfoot who she held her own against him even beating him. She wI'll later become great friends with Volcano but she didn't join team Exodus because she didnt feel ready to be an official member yet. She even helped Phantom plenty of times because of her knowledge of ancient myths

-She can manipulate and control all sound. Which she uses to copy music and anyone voices without flaw. When she plays music she can make it powerful enough to blow eardrums and shatter glass on a electric guitar. On bass she can cause small earthquakes.
-Hyper Sonic screaming which can cause confusion and massive headache
-Absorb electricity and immune to being electrocuted.
-Can make her body skin and hair completely titanium. She also can make individual parts coated with the metal armor without turning whole body that way.
-only in full Titanium form can she shape shift her arms invulnerability, super strength and invulnerability
-Healing factor that great in her normal state but its doesn't exist in titanium mode

-Fear of heights
-If she absorbs too much electricity she can enter a state of intoxication and causing violent discharges
I always drawn characters and to me they look badass but having a great look is cool but without origin/bio the character is just an image. So I'm going to writing stories for characters along with the image more often so bare with me if you see some older work updated lol. Also im thinking of creating my own universe between Bloodlust (my dark fantasy story) and Carnival of Chaos (World where all my super heroes, anti heroes, and villains will be). So im just here to give you a run down on stuff you'll see more on my page

-I'm developing Bloodlust 3 story to its perfect will be the best work of the series. Will not be in script style, 1 and 2 will later be changed from script style too eventually.
-Dragonball Future, my dbz fanfic will continued to be posted here happy some can enjoy it and I will be expanding in my fanfic taking it in directions I haven't seen or read yet
(PS read DB Multiverse that stuff is cool!)
-Kaijus I love kaijus always had always will so you'll see my original ones now. Fan art and even battle scenes between my fav and originals
-Carnival of Chaos like I said before will hone my superhero related stuff.  It will be gritty and brutal at times still have fun though. I love grit and dark stuff so it will have that with my twist. I'll try my best to be original and have influences from my fav comics sue me xD I'll also post that here too
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Tevin Gray
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Just a dude that loves drawing writing and lots of metal. I love mixing those three things together to make some awesome artwork

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